We're All Mad, Here. Would You Care To Join Us?
A rejection, a fellow writer whom I respect recently noted, is an opinion, and not the end of the world. I recently received my first novel rejection from a British publisher whose editor's primary comment on my manuscript was, "It's mad." The rejection concluded with the observation that my writing was very skilled and ended with an invitation to send more complete novels. For those of you who haven't (yet) descended into the madness that is publishing, this is called Encouragement.

However, the response I wanted to give, but merely thought (in British, of course), was, "Well of course it's bloody mad! It's high fantasy about a half-dragon girl living on a disc larger than all the planets of the solar system! What fantasy and science-fiction isn't mad?" It's the very madness of it that allows us to point the way to sanity.

In short, I reject the opinion that "it's mad" is a defect in fiction. I would say that it's more a necessity. I've won awards -- well, very NEARLY won awards -- for stories of how to cook phoenix, veterans wearing living armor and delivering pizza for Cthulhu. If that be madness, let us make the most of it. So if you become my patron, I can promise you more such madness. It will be glorious. It will be exciting. It will be fun.

Oh, and it will update in the Patrons-only feed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where you will read thoughts on writing lessons learned, story seeds, snippets of fiction, and Role-Playing Games.

And really bad jokes. Just awful.

See you there.