Good afternoon and happy Sunday to everyone. We admittedly wen't dark for a little while between the farm getting into the busy Spring season and our newest addition being born. But we're back and happy to give you an update about all the goings on that you've been supporting.

One of our proudest achievements over the past couple of months has been helping convert a local Charlottesville restaurant into a full-on farm to table operation. Working as a de facto general manager, Chris has helped the restaurant pack its offerings with pasture and forest raised meats as well as fresh produce and fruits from a number of nearby farms: Broadhead Mountain Farm, Buck Mountain Farm, Critzer Family Farm, and Planet Earth Diversified. We're looking forward to working hand in glove with this restaurant throughout the rest of the year.

Our Spring season on the farm is proceeding well, though at the expense of work on GreenMaven which has slowed substantially. During our summer break we're going to work on moving to non-profit status to secure a grant so that Chris can outsource the technical work; that way progress won't be tied directly to Chris' schedule.

Chris also caused a recent stir on Facebook with a post about how race affects farming, in the wake of rallies and counter-rallies RE: the removal of Confederate monuments in Charlottesville. You can read the post, which has over 4,500 shares, here.

Finally, we're pledged to release our third installment in the "How to Farm" series by the end of the day Monday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend - please stay tuned!