Hi guys,

After a quick break, Alt Shift X is back to produce more videos. A few notes on what to expect –

With Game of Thrones S6 over, we'll now be focusing more on the ASOIAF books, covering theories, mysteries, predictions, character analyses, and whatever else is cool and fascinating in the world of Thrones. We'll be doing some really in-depth analyses, like the Varys video, and also some quick summaries, e.g. a short explainer on Robert's Rebellion.

We'll probably also do some non-GOT content here and there – Rick and Morty, anyone? Maybe also some history and science stuff.. The off-season is a good opportunity to try something new (:

We'll be holding more Patreon votes, where you guys can choose your favourite GOT topics to be turned into videos – I've posted one now, open to all $3+ Patrons.

The winning topic in the most recent vote was Jaqen H'ghar, so he'll be the subject of the next video, which should be out within a week.

As usual, all Patrons will get general announcements and video progress updates, $3+ Patrons will get frequent behind-the-scenes content, and $5+ Patrons will get to see videos a day before everyone else.

Thanks to your support, I've recently been working with a video production consultant to improve our production workflow. The work is still ongoing, but we've already made some big improvements, such as some custom After Effects scripts to automate repetitive tasks. Once this workflow stuff is sorted, I'll get a production assistant on board, then I think we'll be able to seriously bump up our video output – without sacrificing quality.

So this off-season, we'll finally get to talk about some of the biggest mysteries and theories and characters in GOT, like Bloodraven, Cersei, the Grand Northern Conspiracy, Patchface, "oily black stone", Rhaegar, House Dayne, the Doom of Valyria, and whichever topics you choose in the Patreon votes. We'll get to unpack the massive events of Season 6, and we'll look forward to TWOW, Season 7, and beyond (:


Alt Shift X