Were The Bitcoin "Maximalists" Right All Along?
For the last 7 months I've been on the sidelines. It's so weird that personal issues coincided to the exact day that the general crypto market reached its peak in early January and has been declining steadily ever since. The public portfolio is 20% in the red.

Hell, I wondered if I'd caused it. LOL.

I don't like to write bullshit. I won't, ever. So, there you go. Simple as that. Am I done with crypto? Not even close, but I also don't try to dissuade others from being done.

What I see now is that with only few exceptions in the 50ish Alts I put small stakes into—$25-100, mostly—only a few are in the green over the last year, the majority are in the red, and some in the red are 70-90%+ in the red.

Well, that's why you do small stakes. You're looking for a Grand Slam. No Snivelling.

But here's what's cool. When I began this gig on September 3, 2017, Bitcoin was at $4,267. What's it at today? $6,412. What's the lowest it's been recently? About $6,100. It broke $5,000 just over a month after I started this Patreon deal and has not looked back yet. $6K is pretty strong support, so far.

So, philosophically, I have to weigh what I could have done better financially, personally, by just buying BTC....against providing real world experience to all those who gave it a shot and graciously paid me and stuck with me...even though I don't do daily or weekly updates to massage hurt and disappointment away.

List of Alts still in the green:

  • XRP - 42%
  • DGB - 120%
  • XLM - 1,117%
  • ADA - 341%
  • XVG - 117%
  • SC - 28%
  • DRGN - 170%
  • DCR - 14%

Biggest loser is TokenDesk (TDS), an ICO, in the red 97%. Essentially to zero.

I'm still not going to write bullshit ever. Nope, not going to give you 'x strategies to...' posts. On the other hand, I'm mindful that a ton of irrational exuberance is near full washout and it might be time soon to get back to business.

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