We’re getting a little creeptastic here!


Alrighty folks, it’s Wednesday so that means if you’re following us on The Duck and Smackjeeves, you’ve got a new episode up! Now, I am a fan of creepy monsters, but did you know that Emi and I dug through thousands of inspiration pictures on Pinterest in order to come up with our tentacle friend? Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for the comic in general, especially with colors, or character features. 

That being said, Emi draws our lovely characters through consultations with both Evie and myself. Each of us is responsible for a number of characters, and we craft them how we want them to be - then we get with Emi and perfect them until they match the images in our heads. For example, our tentacle friend is full of inspiration from the Cthulhu mythos, among other digital art monsters we liked. Even our planets get inspiration pictures! Maybe we like the colors, or we like the desolation a picture might show.

Emi does take a beating sometimes, when it comes to those consultations though. Some days we'll all be on the same page, but then other days, we aren't even on the same book. That's when we do turn to outside resources, which any good writer or artist should always keep in their back  pocket. That isn't to say we don't appreciate all the hardwork that Emi does for us!

Some art has even inspired some thoughts on a sequel, and we haven’t even gotten into the meat of this comic yet! Pinterest is about as dangerous as that tentacle monster, so use caution! We can’t be responsible for your addictions! We hope you enjoy this update and we will see you on Friday!