We're Getting Highly Caffeinated!
Hello Patrons!  We hope you are enjoying our Coffee Series!  Over the past 3 episodes, Andy has learned about the different types of coffee in the world, how to roast coffee and how best to brew it! This week we are taking a break, but next week we will reveal Andy attempting to harvest, roast and brew the perfect cup of coffee all by himself, from scratch!  Future episodes will also dig deeper into our experience traveling to Mexico, where Andy participated in a coffee harvest.  We'll also do some challenges where we pit our coffee against popular brands.  

Coming up next, you won't believe what we're attempting to do.  Andy has always had to wear glasses...he can't see without them!  He was interested to dig into the history of spectacles, how they were invented and thought to challenge himself to try and make his own pair from scratch!  That series will be coming up in the fall.  Along with it, we will continue to publish episodes from our "Meet the Makers" series, as well as "How to Brew Everything".  Some future episodes to expect:  Sugar Beet Vodka, Rye Whiskey and Gin!

We appreciate your Patronage as always, and your understanding during our hiatus.  As promised, we paused our billing for the duration.  But now that we are fully back into production, we could really use the income again...so we will be starting the billing cycle again tomorrow.  If you like what we do and want to see it continue, please consider increasing your contribution...or, better yet, tell your friends about our series and our Patreon Page!  More Patrons giving a little is much better than a few giving a lot!  

So stay tuned! As always feel free to comment or ask questions about our series here, and we'll be sure to respond! 


- The HTME Crew