We're going to be moving...
Hi Creeps,

Me and Mr. C have been talking. We've gotten through our first month on Patreon, and the first lot of pledges have been paid for (apart from two people who had signed up and avoided payment...) we love the concept of Patreon but the cost of fees on here is a tad ridiculous and I know all of our UK and European patrons are having to pay a butt load in taxes (which we don't ever charge on top of Creepies we always include it in with our prices - we were not aware you would be charged this on top of your pledge by Patreon)

So after Patreon took their cut (5%) and then charged us for all of the payment transactions (4%) then PayPal takes their cut (2% plus 20p per transaction) we've had a large lump taken away, and less money we can put into our boxes.

None the less the first box is still going to be awesome, but we will be moving Fright Club from Patreon and onto our website (CREEPIES.CO.UK/FRIGHTCLUB) with the same principles just no hidden fees for anyone. We've set this up yesterday and it will be going live the 1st of May to get this months rewards posted.

We're really sorry for messing you guys around like this but as most of you know the Patreon help centre isn't the most informative thing and we weren't aware of all these fees until jumping in with both feet. But running this through our website will mean we can still give you our awesome subscription boxes and lucky bags at the same value.

We hope to see you in Fright Club on our website next month!

Mrs & Mr. Creepy

P.S - all patron tiers that were paid for this month will not be effected by this change.