We’re not done (+business model)
We're not done!

This is just a forced hiatus given the fact I've been working massively during these past weeks to secure a merry Christmas for my family. My life is intermingled with the board; can't really make anything about it since bills need to be paid (and I mean offline bills too -i.e. food & living expenses).

The only thing that can speed-up the process is "resources" (a.k.a. money) but I wouldn't like to put paypal donation buttons up because it'll look like a ransom of sorts (i.e. "give money by paypal so the forum comes back. That's a "no no").

We *ARE* coming back in a natural & organic fashion again with a solid business model for the long run, namely:

- Patreon support for weekly releases. $1-$20.

- One-off "snapshot" for those who just want a single-time download via paypal button @ $5.99.

- Various other sponsors.

The good news being I have finally delivered pending locals for November so after a couple resting days all of my attention is back on developing online to resume our humble project.