We're released a colouring book!

This update is just a heads up to tell you about the launch of the Plok Bumper Colouring Book earlier this week.

It's made from drawings taken from the first two volumes of the comic strip, and consists of single panels (without speech) to colour in, some original pencils to ink, as well as a few other fun additions.  There are also some very funny captions to go along with the pages. 

It's the must-have stocking filler this Christmas!

Anyway, for obvious reasons there's no eBook version so we can't give Patrons a free eBook of this, and it's print-on-demand, so we don't have any stock and can't give you all free books either I'm afraid.  The book is only available via Amazon.

However, page two of the book does include a "thank you" to all current patrons, as your continued support for the comic has helped us make the book.

So thanks again!

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