We're continuously releasing new content

Everyday we release an update, whether it be just the daily post on our website or everywhere (ie: New YouTube Video, Daily Post, Patreon Post, Social Media Posts, Lens Posts). Point is we continue to release new content no matter what everyday. In reality it is impossible for someone who follows us on any platform to not know what we're doing, and thats our goal.

Over the last year of riding we were just getting started and this year we plan to do a ton of things and we share everything we do for our supporters (ie: Patrons, Readers, Subscribers). We've had tons of folk reach out to us via texting our phone, instant messaging on Twitch, Hangouts etc that have no clue what it is we do while saying they're supporters; point is we've disabled instant messaging and no longer accept text other than business, family, and very close friends. We have discord server for chatting and we have email for questions and we respond as we have the time. We're dedicating our time to riding and creating awesome content for awesome supporters like you, so time management is important.

We release a few videos a week which are simple and cool quick releases to share what we're doing while we work on the actual series which episode 1 releases March 1st. The full length episodes will be a minimal of 30 minutes long and may exceed to 1.5-2 hours. Site updates are daily, we share a post every day so that people who support can keep up with our nuttiness. Each morning I pop into Discord to say good morning and to make sure if anyone has had any questions and of course I check my email every few hours. Point is we keep things rolling around here. As for Twitch, Twitch is absolutely NO MORE. We have no time for Twitch ion any level anymore as it is time consuming and pointless. Twitch has only cost money and has brought nothing meaningful into our lives. 99% of the time the only responses we've gotten from Twitch are people seeking a following or those people who reach out one time a year asking us to check out their stream again. As for Podcast, we release a simple Podcast once a week and you can count on it to be live no later than every Thursday morning excluding Holidays. If anything changes with Podcasts or any other item we do that is scheduled we share an update right away which can be found on any platform of social (the we use, see about us page) or our site. Point is, it is impossible to not know what we're doing every day for anyone who wants to know.

Huge thanks to our supporter (ie: Patrons, Readers, and Subscribers), have an epic day everyone and thanks for the support.