We're Rolling These Dice...
Welcome! Glad to have you here!

We started Vault: Bringing Back Game Night in 2015 to introduce more people to the joy of tabletop gaming. When I say “we,” I mean the business of Vault, but that business is predominantly me, Caleb Alexander Phillips, the founder and lead game master.

Our mission is to provide welcoming spaces and hands-on support so that our players can find their new favorite game. To that aim, we are seeking new ways to invite people to the table, regardless of their religious, racial, or national background or their gender or sexual identities. We want more people to be at our table, not fewer. 

Gathering around a table to play a game is a modest act that fosters community and collective storytelling. Vault aspires to connect people around positive memories of friendly competition, teamwork, storytelling, and joy. In a small way, Vault (and tabletop gaming in general) supports community building as an ongoing practice. 

By using Patreon, we seek a way to grow in products and clients, ultimately finding more people to join us at our tables. Thank you for visiting our page and supporting us. Come back soon to see how we can support you and your play. 

Photo Credit: Brandon McDonald, 2016