we're walking on the milky way~
 This is the other charm for The Radiant Milky Way. I love how it turned out, tbh ; v ; <3

Some fun facts: 1. I like turning the Milky Way into something that looks like milk; I think it's cute and helps ppl recognizing what it is. |D (... using the actual shape is hard lol OTL) 2. If you read the title of the deviation like that line in Milky Way by VIXX, you are completely right! I love that song, it's in my TRMW playlist (lolol) and it fits so perfectly! T 7 T <33

Spoiler: The charms of this artwork will glow in the dark!! *A* 
They'll be available for pre-order soon~ 

 Made with: Deleter Comic Book Paper (Type A), Deleter Neopiko-Line-3 (sepia), Copic Ciao/Sketch, Sakura Gelly Roll