Were working on some Annual Ultra Endurance Bike Rides
Over the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of Zwifting on our Twitch Channel. I love to ride my bike and Zwift is great for training as well as being able to stream it, however this doesnt mean I dont ride outside anymore.

I've had many friends ask if I were going to be riding outside anymore and it blew my mind to see how many were not reading what we were doing. We're planning HUGE bike rides for whoever wants to come and ride with us. Currently we're working on an up and coming ride that we've been talking about for some time and we did decide that each of the big rides we want them to be annual and we want others to be able to participate. The rides we're working on are not average group rides, they are not the type of social ride that goes for 10 miles and stops for 20 minutes, each of the rides we're planning are at least 100 miles.

One of the rides we are working on is 204 miles with 16k feet of elevation, the ride time is none stop, according to our planning it calls for 25 hours of saddle time; we plan on the ride to be completed in under 30 hours. We're working on the details, maps and signup forms which will all go public over the next few weeks. The first time we do this ride will be an awesome test ride, tons of filming, food, fun, photos; sign ups and requirements will be listed on our site. 

Keep your fingers crossed as this is one of 12 rides we are planning to be annual. 

So yes, I do ride outside lol. Hugs everyone.