You’d slipped out of the castle and made your way into the wilderness. You had to slink out, like a common thief. You didn’t have a choice after all. Not tonight.

By day you play the hero, you claim to protect those around you, and maybe you even believe it. But you know deep down, that other part of you remains. The part they don’t know about, the ones you love. How many times have you put them in danger? Did anyone see you this time? Are you sure you were far away this time?

You blame the beast, and hide behind that creature’s long shadow. Maybe you thought it was a simply a monster sharing your skin, it’s not you, right? Perhaps, you thought you controlled it. As the sun slips down below the horizon, you’re running out of time to deny the truth. Tell yourself one more time, this is just a nightmare. Maybe at first it was; until you woke up that morning, caught in the roots of a great tree, your clothing in shreds, and blood on your hands. There have been many more mornings since then, haven't there? How much longer can you deceive yourself?

The Moon is Rising.

As the changes wash over you and the rage returns, a final thought runs through your head. Maybe your true fear is that in time you will relish being the monster more than the man.


Orc - turning into a werebar

Commissioned by Ogrebear