The Western-Centric Narrative
This guy straw-manned us throughout. "We favour providing material support to the Kurdish YPG", suddenly became, "we are fanatical Western Imperialists with framed portraits of George Bush on every wall in our house". He then, as a non-Muslim man, proceeded to speak for Muslim women on how there is not a single edict within the Qur'an that may hinder their liberation. So he managed to both "mansplain" and "kuffarsplain" in one fell swoop.

This has been called everything from "Eurocentrism", "bigotry of lowered expectations" and "the regressive left".

The Full Talk with John Horse/Johnny Garbage:

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Our "Intervention" Policy we mentioned:

Qur'an (4:11) - (Inheritance) "The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females" (see also verse 4:176). In Islam, sexism is mathematically established.

We take our cues on these issues from actual (liberal) Muslims and ex-Muslims...

The Iranian Maryam Namazie on the treatment of women: and

Deeyah Khan on rape and honor killing:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on apostasy:

Why not just read straight from the Koran?

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