Westworld video treatment
Fun little BTS bonus for you all today - this is the rough shot list I put together for the Westowrld video when I had my intial concept.  It ended up fairly close!


Westworld Video Treatment

4 character recreations:

Man in Black



Teddy (gunslinger)  

The song is approx. 1:50. My vision for this would be for me to enter on a horse, following the “maze”   

Theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elkHuRROPfk

I’ll be working up the a cappella version of this over the next few days, but this gives you an idea to start. I

Rough summary: The 4 characters stop me in the middle of the street – various gun fights ensue as I attempt to elude them, all while referencing my maze and navigating through the town. The ending would hopefully happen as I enter the town church


Sample plotting:

(In amongst all of this will be a separate take of me singing the parts in a different costume that we can scatter in throughout this narrative)

0:00-0:15 establishing shots. Would be cool if we could get the sunrise somehow to mimic that opening shot. Then some wides of the town, countryside.

:15-:20 shot of me holding the maze

:20-:25 wide of me holding the maze and entering the town

:25-:52 shots of me riding slowly through the town, if we have any extra to peek out of curtains, that sort of thing. The 3 robots could be seen watching me, interrupting what theyre doing, etc.

:52 The 3 robots stop me in the middle of the street. Perhaps I get off the horse, gunfight style?

:57-1:30 Send the horse out of the way, gunfight ensues. My character runs, the robots scatter or chase me. Fire blanks, have the little pyro explosions for the bullet hits on the ground. Keep referencing my maze, shots of me evading the robots, following a “path”, etc.

1:30-1:48 final shots ending up at the church, I enter as we see the robots running towards me, but too late. Final shot of the door closing.

Lot of this will depend on the how the music shapes up and once we get there to actually scout it out, but this is a starting point for the overall vision/theme of this.