Weve been working on our life plan for many years and we're getting closer to our goal
Annika and I from day one have always spoke of going off the grid and getting as far away from the tech world and everyday is one step closer. Over the last few weeks we've been debating what reasons that we actually needed the internet and how much longer that we could tolerate being near a computer; here's the plan.

Our full focus is to find where we want our land and once we have it we will go there and live off the land while we build our home from the ground up with our own hands. We plan to be 100% solar polar and we are even studying howto build our own septic system, drill a well, and to build our own water collection systems. We do not plan to have any internet on our property, nor do we plan on connecting to a power grid or water system that isn't' 100% controlled by ourselves.

Throughout our lives we've found that what we most enjoy out of all of the interest and hobbies are simply riding our bikes, snowboarding, creating things by hand, gardening, and spending time with each other; and of course our dog. We do plan to keep our website rolling and to post and share weekly via patreon, our site, and our youtube (we may overtime step back away from youtube too, this isnt certain yet). We've tried Twitch over and over and sad to say we arent Twitch people. We don't want to be a contributing factor to telling people to sit in their chairs and do nothing with themselves, besides we've not ever gotten anything from being on Twitch but headaches. We aim to do what we've always done and try to continue growing our community of good people around the world and we can all communicate here, discord, comments in our site, or YouTube, or via email and we will respond as often as we can.

Over the last few months we've been getting the word out that we were minimizing stuff in our lives to the point that we got rid of all o four DVD collection, a lot of our collectible toys, and as of today I decided that I'm putting my main computer up for sell. We plan to doing away with our huge super sized PC computers and only have our laptops, we also will be getting rid of our desks and chairs.

Now this isnt something that is happening over night, this is something that each day that passes is one step towards it. Annika and I will each day do something as a step towards the final goal as we work ourselves into a complete happy future that we want to have.

Gaming, we will game from time to time after we go off grid but it will only be when we go to a coffee or somewhere far from our property. We will keep our smart phones with our dataplan so that we can have the basics and to access the net as we need to. To our Patrons here we cant thank you enough for the support here and we hope that you continue with us as we go on this epic adventure, we will share everything here and our website a few times a week. Hugs everyone, have an awesome weekend, and we will drop another post here very soon.

Here is a simple breakdown of what will be and what wont.

  • Social sites that we will keep - Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Patreon, Discord, Twitch (if we stream it will be random, though it will be rare).
  • Our social sites (twitter, google+) will only be a hub for sharing the articles, we will not be active there.
  • Once we go offline we will only be online a few hours a week to post articles, share our videos, respond to emails etc.
  • We will be spending the time away from our computers to focus on handmade stuff, cycling, and stuff to share on our site and here on Patreon.

Live life, be happy. We love you and thanks for reading.