We've hit our second goal!
Wow, you guys! We've officially hit the second goal for monthly patronage in just over a MONTH--I can't believe it! Okay, that's not true. You guys are the reason I do this and you've all been so awesome, so I definitely can.

What does meeting our second goal of $500/mo mean for you guys? It's going to be just like the new setup we've been doing for the past month, except even better.

More Content: My posting schedule for Tessisamess is going to be even more frequent for every month that we stay at or exceed $500. How frequent? I'll be making sure to post FOUR codes and 2-3 layouts every month! Additionally, I'll be posting an HTML and/or Tumblr-friendly code every month, which will feature robust programming for advanced appearance features, AND a monthly tutorial!

So what happens if we hit the next goal?
Hitting or exceeding the next goal would honestly be a huge deal, guys! I would be able to dedicate ALL of my work time to creating resources for you guys. This means MORE free codes, MORE layouts with features I usually reserve for commissions, MORE advanced HTML pages, MORE tutorials and... that's right, an expansion over to Dreamwidth!

So, if you love my work and want to see even more of it, if you love being a patron and getting in on exclusive resources, if you love the new setup and all the new content being posted, please be sure to share with your friends and groups so that other people can get in on the same cool rewards!

And remember! I have $50/mo and $100/mo slots for custom orders available; designated Patreon rewards are the only way to get completely custom work with the new setup, so if you need any, be sure to check the rewards information and sign up!

And, of course, thank you so much!