As promised, at 10am this morning, our online #Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign started. We will be doing some out and about bucket collections too.

We need to raise £4000 by 10.01am on April 29th 2018 to be able to take the next The Peoples #Countryside project forward, so this is your chance to help make that happen.

We want to tell the #social, #industrial, and #natural #history story of the partially disused #Wycombe #Railway, that ran from #Oxford to Princess #Risborough.

Show why the disused track bed through the village of #Horspath is an essential green corridor linking #Shotover Country Park SSSI with the wider landscape as its already partially surrounded by major roads. So the #greenbelt in that area really needs protecting, especially as many of the field boundaries have remained unchanged for centuries.

Also through the TV, Radio and Photography work of this project we want to tell the story of one of the most important #bat hibernation sites in #Oxfordshire that is now housed in the old railway tunnel in Horspath. Many hundreds of hours have been spent in the tunnel by volunteers making it suitable for the bats and many thousand of pounds have been spend. Sadly, until a health and safety report is completed on the structure of that tunnel, no-one is allowed to enter the tunnel again. In these times of cuts and austerity, we need to find through this project a company to offer that survey for free.

We'd love your support and pledge early to help build momentum. Your pledge won't be taken until April 29th, and only then if we get the full target or more pledged. If we don't get the full £4000 pledged, we don't get a bean and this important project won't happen.