We've posted a new model!

An 18mm version of our RoboMorph, Kwak. We're currently Kickstarting a tabletop RPG, Hands of Destiny, so here's a stat block for Kwak in that system. You can currently find the beta rules (and a module) here on Thingiverse as well.

Kwak, mysterious duck-like robot
Skills: Academics 12, Aerobics N/A, Arcana 0, Athletics 1, Ballistics -1, Detect 2, Domestics 6, Intuition 2, Larceny 8, Melee 2, Presence 2, Survival 10, Wordplay -2, Technical 2, Throwing 1
Traits: Eidetic Memory, Natural Armor 5, Mute, Night Vision, Robotic, Shambling, Superior Skill (Academics)
Personality: O/10, C/4, E/8, A/5, N/9
Kwak doesn't speak (aside from robotic, vaguely duck-like noises) but is capable of full communication when interfacing with MetaTools and similar digital assistant devices.