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We've posted a new(ish) game!

CORE SET 3: The Trans-Universal Dominion against the Zero Syndicate

Welcome to the Fourth Edition of Pocket-Tactics, the modular, 3d-printable strategy board game that goes wherever you do!

This new edition represents years of streamlining, and we're excited to be ready to present this to you. For our third release, we've gone with a new take on the old Dominion set. This time, the interdimensional police force has its hands full in an asymmetrical battle with the nefarious Zero Syndicate for control of a bustling mega-city. Stay tuned for more sets and pieces, as well as updated rules for all of the previous edition's pieces. (DESIGNER'S NOTE-- A few of these pieces were delicate prints when split, though this could be due to printer issues, so a couple of files may change slightly in the near future, but if it works fine for you, then go for it..--)