We've Reached Our First Goal! *Happy Dancing Ensues*
AHHHHHH THIS IS AMAZING! Thanks to Ricky, my latest patron, we have now reached my very first goal on Patreon!

My first goal was to have my website/Adobe Creative Cloud account fully funded, so now that it's funded, I can allocate more of my funds to resources for videos, Twitch streaming, and any other tools I may need for content creating! 

This is so amazing, everyone! Thank you SO much for your support. It's definitely one of the major factors why I'm so motivated to keep creating, and I'm so glad that you all are here with me on this journey.

My next goal is to be able to do monthly Lootcrate giveaways, so if you want to help us get to that goal faster, feel free to campaign the HECK out of my Patreon! 

Hope you all are doing well, and thank you SO much again for all of your wonderful support <3