Hello lovelies!

I am drowning in work as usual. Two weeks until Tyler comes for preproduction, and I didn´t even catch up sleep after WGT, am fighting the summer edition of bad depressions, and the paperwork I procrastinated.... well you know. Still, we managed to get in awe of our own courage and energy :-D we played EIGHT shows at WGT, including the demonstration for endangered species, picture above. 

I wrote most of it together in a public homepage post, it´s here!


I´ll dig up some special goodies for you later, hope you don´t mind that I put all my energy into the new songs rather than in chewing through the old right now! Adventures coming!

Next gigs: Tomorrow double gig in Berlin - Juli: Koblenz and Meissen - August Wales PHOENIX!! - and Edinburgh Fringe with The Full Moon Cabaret - September Steamrose close to Berlin - September USA for recording - October will see my first solo show in Berlin! You know where to find the details, do you? 


thank you for your ongoing support <3 there´s always moments when I want to give up but then I think of you guys and keep it going.

love love love


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