WHADDUP : AUGUST 8th — 14th
Consensual kisses and sensual hugs,


Just wanted to keep you guys updated on what's up this week (as it's a doozy).

  • August 8th (today) : Late night stream of animation audience collab.
  • August 9th : Streaming for LORE's 5th birthday <3 (Making a parody Lore for the channel.
  • August 10th : More LORE stream, hoping to get most, if not ALL of it finished.
  • August 11th : I fly to L.A.
  • August 12th : I'm doing stream/taping of LORE LIVE (also part of the anniversary).
  • August 13th : I fly back to Philly.
  • August 14th : Streaming the making of a comic (similar to the ones I been posting to twitter).

I'll be sure to get those Patreon posters out to you guys as soon as I get back! As you can see, things are crazy wild wet n' willy. 

Thanks so much for the continued support, without which none of this would be possible. 

Exciting news. After the week, and after the 4th animation collab is complete (which should be days after I get back). I'd like to start work on a series I've had in mind for a long while now. Would love your feedback, inspiration, criticism, etc. I'm excited for the possibilities, but like all projects it's a matter of making it happen. 

Thanks for keeping me going <3

much love,


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