The Whale-bone Cabin by the Sea
A sneak peak at some content for a future Narrative Encounters™ gamebook. You'll notice a watermark on the image, but watermarks will not appear on the final product. (Also note that this is repeat material from a file that I posted earlier here on Patreon, but I wanted to start this new sharing format in the Activity section, so please bear with me. I'll be posting additional content today, as well.) THE WHALE-BONE CABIN BY THE SEA An outsized man, with an adze hanging from his belt, lifts a broad ax in his calloused hands. He is a boatwright, and he uses the ax to split an Odin-sized oak, and drives a wedge into the gash with a wooden mallet. The trunk falls open, and the ogre-ish man smiles. His teeth crumble in rot, but he looks happy to be working with straight, untwisted timbers from the inner forest. It’s clear the boat-planks will be strong and even, not gnarled by wind, and the trenails and iron spikes will hold them fast together. Nearby, a new boat takes shape, emerging from the keel. It is wide and seaworthy with a shallow draught. The man's eyes narrow as he turns and sees you. “We found us some bait,” the man says and chokes up on the handle of his broad ax. Onyx and moonstone glint from rings on his outstretched fingers. He guffaws, belly trembling. “Why you here?” he asks. He sets his legs and circles the ax handle with both mitts.