What am I working on NOW.
Whats Next? My next post will be the PDF greyscale Tutorial Demo. I'm currently working on it now and it'll be released on July 7th. I'm still deciding on what the next PDF will be. I have several ideas, so next week I'll throw up those options in the forum so you guys can vote or give your thoughts. Remember that Tier 3 and up patrons can send in questions for the FAQ page and can submit comment and questions on the blog.

Mkay, so here is the gist of what I'll be doing for the next few months:

• 2 weeks ago I signed up for an online Illustration class with Sterling Hundley called Ideation. It is a 4 week course to help you improve your process in creating more interesting and compelling illustrations. I look forward to reviewing the course when I'm done with it and sharing what I can! So far I def see myself improving with my process work.

• Each month I create a small original for EveryDayOriginal.com on the 10th. That'll happen at the beginning of every month.

• I have a personal series of 3 pieces I want to create. It'll be black and white illustrations focusing on the type of textures and subject matter I love. You'll see more of that in the coming weeks. *hopefully

• I have a gallery show I'm doing on Oct 1st! I need to get on the ball and start creating pieces for it. I'm organizing and exhibiting with a friend of mine and we both see it as a good way to get more personal work done. Pressure of a deadline!  My hope is to use what I've been learning from this Ideation class and apply it to make some killer pieces. And honestly, I'm thinking the exhibit may bring in a good crowd. There should be a great number of artists from Moonbot Studios because my friend use to work there and her fiance is a current employee. It is an Academy award winning animation studio based here in Louisiana. One guest may be William Joyce who is amazing. He is the co-founder of Moonbot, created the Dreamworks movie Rise of the Guardians, and LOTS of other stuff. I want to make sure this new body of work is solid and will help me push my portfolio further into the illustration field. Right now my foot is in the door with galleries, but I want to push my way further with Illustration and the publishing field too.

That's what you'll be looking at for the coming months. September and October are going to be super busy months. I want to have all my artwork for the show done by Sept, because I need Sept to get my Oct deadlines done. I'll have to get everything framed and make sure the venue is good to go, handle advertising the show, and all kinds of other things for the opening on Oct 1st! Then there is the Month of Fear challenge in Oct. I'll have to get my first 2 weeks finished early in Sept because I have the show to worry about and I'll be doing my first comicon on Oct 8-9. AND I'll need to get my EveryDayOriginal.com piece finished for Oct 10th. Just...craziness. That doesn't include what freelance work I have and keeping up my Patreon for you amazing people ;).

I'll have to stay on schedule!

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