What Are You Waiting For?
We have a tendency to put off making the decisions that we really want to make in order to wait for "just the right moment". The irony is that the moment we are waiting for is NOW. There is never any other place that we can be. So what are you waiting for?

**This is an example of the type of content your contribution will help create.  Together, we can shift the planet.**

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  • This is a reward of KNOWING. Knowing that YOU are contributing to making the planet a more loving place. You will also receive a special MEDITATION as a gift, channeled by Azrya.
  • Access to patron-only content including photos and videos of upcoming releases
  • Patron-only polls to contribute to the topics that are used for future content.
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CHOOSE WHATEVER AMOUNT OVER $20 THAT FEELS PERFECT FOR YOU. We graciously accept your contribution and vow to put it to good use.
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Join us 1x month for a LIVE WEBINAR in which we dive deep into optimizing finances, relationships to Self and others, unlocking & aligning with TRUE purpose, and Q&A. You'll also receive a recording of the session!
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Want us to address YOUR specific needs and questions about life in an intimate group setting?  1x/month we meet online in a small group (10 or less) & create breakthroughs through customized homework and exercises designed to create potent results for all participants. 
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If you're really serious about taking yourself on NOW, this 1 on 1 offer is for you. Once a month we support only YOU for a 60 minute, online session. Nothing is off limits. Radical transformation imminent. :)
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