What Caused the 2008 Crisis & Will There Be Another One?
This is the presentation I gave yesterday at New City Agenda 's regular public forum, which is held in a committee room at the House of Commons. There were about 200 people in attendance, and my presentation  was followed by a very good set of questions from the floor, which I've included at the end of this video. It may be hard to hear the questions, but I hope my answers are clear.

This video is publicly available on YouTube, and I've decided that until such time as my Patron support enables me to produce custom-made videos for Patrons, I'll continue making my recorded talks available there.

The campaign has started very well, thanks to you, with about $700/month in pledges in the first day. I'm therefore quite hopeful of getting to the $20,000/month level this year, at which point I will start producing a special series of well structured videos on economics for Patrons only.

I will soon post out the Powerpoint and Minsky files from this talk to Student level Patrons and above. New City Agenda will also produce a transcript of both my talk and the questions, which I'll distribute via Patreon once it is available.

Curiously, I began my talk with a quote from ex-MPC (Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England) member David Miles asserting that economists can't be criticised for not seeing the 2008 crisis coming. I completely disagree of course--and amusingly, David is the next speaker at a New City Agenda event. I might well attend...

I'll end by thanking you all again for your immediate support for my work.