What comic should we review next week?
IDW is releasing 4 Transformers comics next week, Optimus Prime #16, Optimus Prime 2018 Annual (featuring Thundercracker’s movie!), Lost Light #15, and Transformers vs. Visionaries #3. Which comic would you like us to review in Alt Mode 66? I’m setting this poll to end at 6PM Eastern time tomorrow so we can have time to write the review.

Also remember that you can listen to us record our shows live every Sunday night, but reviews on these comics are embargoed until the Tuesday before they come out, so this first one will not be on the live stream.

Optimus Prime #16


Optimus Prime 2018 Annual


Lost Light #15


Transformers vs. Visionaries #3

Poll ended Feb 24, 2018
10 votes total

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