What A Day. (Final Book Revision Starts Today!)
I know us artists can over dramatize things sometimes...

but HOLY HELL. Today was such a shit show of grief!

The largest mass shooting in modern history happened at a concert AND Tom Petty died/is now on life support?! both within one 24-hr period?! It's too much to bear. No, really. I had to turn off all my devices after 1pm yesterday and just BE. (A mug of boxed wine helped too, but that's beside the point)

Writing this post seems trivial in light of the news today, so I'll keep it brief...

I (we) persist with writing truths and molding them into music, cds, books, videos, and other experiences, because Tom Petty and the Jason Aldean concert are perfect examples of the fact that we NEED art(ists.)

We all need truth presented to us in forms that we can handle. Sometimes the truth of the news is too hard to bear, like today. Sometimes the weight of your relationship woes are too heavy to stay inside alone, so we attend a concert. Sometimes the joy of your friendships make you go out on the town with them. 

Sometimes these truths appear in the form of a concert with a lot of cowboy hats. Sometimes they come in the form of rolling the windows all the way down so you can listen to "The Waiting is The Hardest Part" and "Crawling Back to You."

An artist's job is to alleviate darkness by shining light. 

For many seasons now, this October has been blocked off in my calendar for doing the final revision/rewrite of my book (!!!) so even though today is not the kick-off that I had dreamed of, it's still perfect... 

You see, I'm writing this book so that we can live in a world where wrongs can be righted, dark can be light, and pain can finally release. 

I'm writing this book, because LOVE.

So raise your own mug of wine with me y'all.

Let's get back to work,

Emily Ann Peterson


In other news, the San Juan Islands had its first official day of fall (according to my internal weather meter.) This picture was taken from my porch.

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