What do Donald Trump and RuPaul have in common?

Answer: Gemini.

The Sun has just moved into sidereal Gemini, joining the north node of the Moon, Rahu, re-activating the Solstice eclipse - and more twists and turns, it would seem. The Sun joins a slow-moving Mercury which is about to station retrograde, so there will be lots of rethink and review in the coming weeks. 

Do you notice your mind getting busier, missing out on some of the smaller details as your mind struggles to take on more? Perhaps making small mistakes? Or are there some technological hitches you are having to contend with?

This is Mercury's slow turnaround impressing upon us a need to do the same; to slow down and turn around. This offers us an opportunity, to retreat from the usual busyness of life. 

Take heed, paying more attention to what is around you, in the moment. 

Mercury's retrograde, as well as the eclipse in Gemini on the upcoming Solstice, represents a time to press pause, and to communicate certain things that have been previously inaccessible to a busy mind caught up in the drama. If we do so, we are in a better position to hear what is truly being communicated. By slowing down and paying more attention, we are in a better position to hear what is being said, remembering that communication is a two-way street.  

Life is about to take a turn inward, reversing down, around the corner we just turned; up and down that hill we just trekked, and back around the same streets we have just been over. 

Sun in Gemini

The Gemini time of year, when the Sun moves through the sign, is a time we usually thrown our attention and energy outward, into the world, through interactions, summer festivals etc. while the Sun is transiting the most interactive and excitable sign. This year, it's complicated by, not just Mercury's retrograde, and all the others, but a solar eclipse in the sign. 

One expression I'm seeing of this are some summer festivals, such as Gay Pride, planning to go ahead - but online. Gemini is all about the interaction. Rahu in Gemini would highlight this need, as well as the innovative possibilities, but it does also point to blocking it, to frustrations and to a lack of satisfaction from same.

This is a general theme, of course. If you've been on any zoom meetings of late, you'll know of that which I speak.  

If Rahu generally shows a lack of satisfaction, Rahu in Gemini shows a lack of satisfying interaction - and intercourse. 

Gemini is not just about social gatherings, it represents sexuality. One expression of this is the current online dating trend. Gemini is called Mithuna in Sanskrit which is a word derived from Maithuna, meaning 'intercourse'. It's symbol in Indian astrology is that of a man and woman, lovers, while in modern Western astrology they use the twins, sometimes portrayed by male twins, sometimes, by female. 

The symbol of the lovers is apt, as Gemini represents both masculinity and femininity, which we all have within. It's just that Gemini and Mercury like to play with it a little more. Mercury is seen as a eunuch in Indian astrology. It is hemaphordidic, representing a person or something which has two opposite qualities, combined.

This can be expressed from anything from a playing different gender roles, to more spiritual expressions when both masculinity and femininity are  brought into balance within our being. 

Gay and trans people have this innate ability, and why they were often found in roles such as priests, shamans and seers throughout history. Hijras in India are one example of this.

The gay or transgendered person is someone who challenges social norms and plays with identity roles, allowing the spirit to be expressed through the dance between the masculine and the feminine, Shiva and Shakti. 

The most famous example of someone who plays with these roles, as Gemini rising, is Rupaul, who, according to a Google search is 'an American drag queen, actor, model, singer, songwriter, and television personality.' 

Gemini is the most dual of signs, in a sense, either because of its fondness for playing with words, with ideas on both sides of an argument, but also, sometimes, switching gender identities. 

Of course, there are other indications in RuPaul's birth chart (above) which would show his need to play with gender identity. You may see in his chart that Mercury itself is with Neptune by close degree, in the 5th house of creativity and self-expression, the artist sign that is Libra. 

Neptune blurs lines further. RuPaul plays a lot of Mercury's roles. Being a drag queen is one, more obvious, expression of playing with gender identity. He is an actor which is another of Mercury's gifts. Mercury and Gemini represent the media and communication. One of the things you will notice about RuPaul if you've ever watched him, is that he is always ready with a quip and clever pun or remark. This is yet another of Mercury's talents; to take one meaning and twist it around to suit another. 

Which brings me to probably the most famous Gemini individual of our times: Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump has Mercury in Gemini in his birth chart, so it is that he can be seen to say one thing which seems to be contradicted in the next breath. Mercury in Gemini is not about a conclusion, it's about the debate, the conjecture and a play with words, and playing with truth.

Mercury in Gemini is not alone in its transit in Gemini in its current transit, although that alone would be enough to trigger Donald Trump's natal Mercury. The Sun has just joined it for its yearly trek, while Rahu, the north eclipse point has been here since the beginning of last year, obscuring the truth. 

And then there's the solar eclipse on Jun 21, as Rahu eclipses Donald Trump's ruler, the Sun. 

Rahu exaggerates, distorts and intrigues at every turn, using words to deceive and confound while it transits Gemini. 

While that is entertaining for someone like RuPaul, and in business and marketing, which uses tricks of the trade to sell you something, whether you need it or not -  in politics and ethics, we can see a problem. 

When we are given contradictory statements, for example, not because we are necessarily intentionally deceived, we are confused with other opinions which cannot all be true.  

The highest expression of Mercury, which is also possible, of course, is discrimination; to know truth from falsity, while Mercury's biggest lesson for us is to accept that we cannot figure it all out- at least, not in our heads.

There will likely be a tendency to get into our heads a lot more in the coming weeks, a tendency which would benefit greatly from a different perspective. 

The upcoming eclipse and Mercury retrograde certainly provide a different perspective. 

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