What do I do with your money? :D

In short - something like the picture above.  

But let's be a bit more concrete about this. I started this patreon-page in february this year and I'm quite happy that there actually are a few people who do support me.   A shout out to Sabine at this point... We met in Stuttgart ComicCon and I was somehow so confused that I not only forget your name twice, but also didn't react propably when you told me, that your are one of my patreons... This bothered me for quite a while now. So now here, where everyone can read it. Thank you so much for supporting me and even stopping by!  And thank you to Red Lotus, Viola and Mirko as well! Hopefully I recognize you earlier, when we happen to meat somewhere:)

Now to the reason of this post. What do I do with your money, I collected over time? Wasting it all for booze and games... well tempting. But no I didn't. 

Actually I bought art supplies I couldn't have effort otherwise.  
 I do own a decent amount of colors and pens and because I mostly draw digitally I hesitate buying new supplies I do not really need because they are quite expensive... that's a problem since I think trying out new stuff also belongs to growth as an artist.  Last week I bought something with your patreon-pledges.

Bristol paper and a starter set of ink-nips... I wanted to try out the tools most manga-artist use and learn the difference between the nip pens. I drew the picture above with these tools + drawing ink, different brushes, Dr. ph martin pen white ink and finetic gold color. 

The white ink I bought some time ago, also with patreon money. Gold colors were a present I'm still so happy about <3 

And I renewed my Lazy Nezumy subscription for this year. This is a tool I use to stabilize my pen, when drawing  in photoshop. I wouldn't want to live without.

Now I'm saving up for two another tools. Scrivener which is a writing tool, I use to manage my comicscripts and Affinty Designer, which is basically an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, which I want to try out since my version is quite old and I don't want to have an adobe subscription... I'm oldschool and like to own tools |D

And on the long run... I need a new scanner... Mine struggles way to much with gentle colors, mostly those aren't getting recognized at all... :/

I will tell you when one of these gadgets has a new home at my place :)

I hope you liked this little insight in my doings. Are you interested in even more personal stuff? I'm thinking off writing a patreon only personal blog once a month about what I did and thought and stuff. Not only art related but an overall insight. Would you like it, or don't you care ?

Hope to hear from you!

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