What do I mean when I say we are transitioning into 4D? How does 4D work?

You've heard me talk about different dimensions, including 3D, 4D, 5D and higher dimensions. I have given you a primer of what they mean in several EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS, and I wrote about it on LadaRay.com and in some of the FuturisTrendcast articles.

You've also heard me declare more than once that the real solution for humanity is to transition into 5D. However, in order to accomplish that task, humans must first understand themselves, deal with the heavy karma and figure out what 3D and 4D really mean!

You can read much more on LadaRay.com, but let me give you a new and expedient summary. 

3D is a fully incarnated dimension, in which we physically manifest on Earth, for better or for worse. It comes with all the wonderful things, such as smelling the roses and enjoying the beauty of our planet, as well as the amazing act of creation. Viewed from the higher dimensional perspective, there is a constant cycle of death and rebirth in 3D.

From a normal human perspective, this process is hard to endure, as it also comes with all the problems, such as wars, hunger, pollution, injustice, struggle and inequality. 

So you wouldn't think 3D is no big deal; so you wouldn't imagine it's something lower-grade, let me tell you: 3D is a VERY BIG deal, multidimensionally speaking!

Earth, in fact is the final frontier and very important in the grand scheme of things! It is very important for the general structure of the universe, and for the basis of that structure, the expansion of consciousness.  

We will discuss how all this works and why it is structured this way in one of the future EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS.

4D is the first advanced dimension, where the physical becomes secondary and less important, while the matters of technology, mind and certain types of energy become first priorities, superseding the physical. 

And here we are, transitioning into lower 4D, as humanity still struggles to come to grips with why we are here on this planet, and how do we get out of a vicious downward spiral of wars, hatred and karma.

These are all very important issues and I plan to discuss them with you on other occasions. Today, let me give you the snapshot of what 4D is and how it is manifesting in our lives, as we speak. 

I again want to emphasize that so far we are talking only about LOWER 4D. The HIGHER 4D looks and feels different. 

Here are some examples of what the lower 4D means and how it manifests:

1. Have you noticed that the last major war was World War II, ending in 1945. Strangely enough, the creation of nuclear weapons made major physical wars obsolete. 

Remember how just about all 'experts' predicted WWIII between US/NATO and Russia as a result of US/West taking over Ukraine in 2014? Remember one of my original 2014 predictions that US and Russia would never be in a hot war and that the new physical carnage of WWIII would never happen?

So, whose predictions came true? 

Question is, are you still listening to those 'experts,' or are you listening to me?

2. I can tell you more: nuclear weapons are the lower 4D technology. Yes, it's ugly, yes it's terrible, but in the world where low calibrations prevail, a very strong deterrent against aggression is required. Just look at tiny N. Korea: poor, isolated, but possessing nuclear weapons. Therefore, despite all the rhetoric, US doesn't dare attack it for fear of getting it back.

3. Internet and world-wide web. One of the characteristics of 4D is being technologically advanced. Think of it as being only partially incarnated, while partially existing in ethereal layer. 4D is also a structure and a web of invisible contacts. 

4. Mind is much more important than body and than anything physical. Look at what is happening, instead of hot, physical wars we get info wars, hacker wars and hybrid wars (which as you know, I cumulatively call the 4D WARS). 

5. Of course, the hacking and various subtle, behind the scenes dealings. TIP: 4D is much more subtle and finely tuned than 3D.

6. The truth coming out and major revelations of what used to be secrets of the past. To name a few: the 9/11 truth, Snowden, Wikileaks and Julian Assange, as well as the secrets of falsified and forbidden history, which incidentally I intend to reveal to you soon!   

7. Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

8. The Earth entering the Age of Aquarius is also something that ideally will facilitate the blossoming of higher consciousness and transition into 4D. 

This is to name a few important 4D characteristics. There is more, but we will fully discuss them in future webinars!

Now, it is important to understand that the budding 4D still must integrate into the existing fully incarnated physical 3D world.

How does that work? With great difficulty. Those who have ever done any serious work through the computer and Internet, like yours truly, know very well how unreliable and moody this inter-dimensional interface is. 

Computers and the Internet serve a very valuable purpose. They are a bridge, connecting 3D with 4D. 

For those of us who work well beyond these dimensions, trying to bridge 5D and higher dimensions with 3D & 4D, the task is even harder. The computer and Internet can't keep up with the energy, speed of ideas and higher-dimensional thought. 

For example, my computer and Internet constantly crash, not being able to cope with the amount of higher energy. 

There is also an issue of multidimensional interferences and attacks, detractors and dark forces sabotage, who try to prevent the higher consciousness from manifesting -- but this is for another time and another post. 

The existing technology isn't perfect. However, this is a start. We have much to explore and much to learn, as we try to raise our consciousness and get out of the downward spiral of karma, in which humanity has been stuck for thousands of years. 

I am here to help you expand your consciousness beyond 3D, and beyond 4D. I am also here to reveal certain important truths and help you integrate 3D & 4D with higher dimensions, thus creating a seamless and harmonious multidimensional experience. 

Let's learn and explore together! Are you ready? 

Stay tuned for more on Patreon and EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS!

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