What do you all think?
It's time for me to begin *serious* planning of printing the book, and I'm looking for your input. What makes part of this hard is I have done an absolutely TERRIBLE job of promoting my work in the last year or so. It kind of cannot be helped due to time available - but it means I will sell less books, which kind of limits my options. Here's the real question though - do you prefer a super nice, special book that you have to pay more for, or do you not care since it's "just a comic book" and you prefer to pay the basic amount? Let's give an example. Let's say the "basic" version is just your normal, softcover graphic novel. At around 136 pages such a book might cost around $12-15 tops. Let's say the "premium" version of the book is hardcover, has nice features like printed endsheets, nicer paper, might have UV coating (shiny parts on the cover) and would cost more at around $17-$18. The decision on this will affect how much money I have to ask for in the campaign, and could determine if I am successful or not (depending on how well the word gets out.) Let me know what you think!
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