What Do You Just Know?
The future is uncertain; a big ball of unknown. And for the most part, I think that’s true. But more often than not, I seem to know a lot more than I allow myself to acknowledge. The trick is being willing to acknowledge it, even if you have no proof. 

For example, as a parent, you know what your child is going to do, even before they know. Maybe you can dismiss that as parent-mind-reading. But what about at work… how you just know when that annoying assignment is coming, or when you are about to be interrupted, or what your boss will say. In so many aspects of life, I think know more about what is going to happen than we allow ourselves to believe. 

From the practice of mindfulness comes the idea that right now in this instantaneous moment is all we have; all that exists. More importantly, that in this instantaneous moment is perfect information - everything you need to know is here. I suspect we periodically stumble into connecting with that. At that point you have two choices: acceptance or denial. 

Denial might feel good for a little while but eventually, you will have to accept reality; and frankly, the sooner the better. Let’s suppose it’s something you don’t like or don’t want. You can still accept it, and then change it! In fact you must accept it if you want to change it. So why not get going down that road to start with? I know that is easier said than done. It’s something I’m trying to work on that a little bit myself. That is the epiphany of the day. 

What do you just know? Are you trying to change it? How are you preparing for it?

: )