What Do You Want To Hear?
So Phoenix Comic Con was AMAZING! You can read all about that on my blog at housepajamazon.com. And, AND! I will include a little anecdote here for Patronuses only that I did not include in the blog. It involves handcuffs. *glee* 

So, as we get into the summer when my writing time is pinched off considerably, I want to come up with things that you might want. Earlier this year, you all said that audio recordings would be awesome. And that's why I'm asking you for more input.

I want to do recordings of me reading my work. Would you be more interested in hearing....

a) scenes from the Cat Sharp novels?

2) scenes from the Crash Haus (carniepunk Sherlock) stories?

or d) flash fiction?

If you have a specific scene or story you're interested in hearing me read, please leave that in the comments. Also, please understand that while the flash could be read in its entirety, the selections from my novellas and novels will be considerably truncated. Also also, Mandy Nelson is narrating the audio editions of the Cat Sharp series so I don't want to step on her toes by recording a ton of those books.

What say you?