What do you want me to write about in here?
This feed exists for you, those who support me or are looking to. As such, I'm going to ask the question directly, to both pledgers and visitors alike: what do you want me to write about in this space?

I've submitted last month a first Game Dev post about the launch of the Starbound server. I've included major updates related to pledgers. I also have some ideas about future topics that I could expand on. Still, this is for you, so what do YOU want to see in here? 

  • Are you interested in more in-depth info, as I presented in the first Game Dev post?
  • Should I repost major news and launches from around the network, such as the launch of UHC mode on the Creeper's Lab?
  • Maybe you want me to make updates every week or two about whatever it is I'm currently working on?

I'm counting on you to let me know what you want to see in here!