What Does Black Power Look Like In 2017?
What is BLACK POWER?  Is it essentiantly studying BLACK history beyond AMERICAN ENSLAVEMENT, rejecting your current SLAVE NAME, practicing AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY and/OR denouncing WHITE SUPREMACY/CAPITALISM at every turn?  Or is the continued fight for the EQUITY of AFRICAN-AMERICANS economically, politically, and civily as citizens with equal protections under the law in AMERICA?  Our special guest include, ANDRE C. HATCHETT of the BLACK REAL ESTATE SCHOOL, teaching Kings and Queens how get their first home to buying the block; MICHAEL SUTTLAR II, principle at SC Capital Management, a commodities trading expert currently managing over $500M in client funds; and COREY BEAL SR, Senior Marketing Director at Transamerica Financial and CEO of REKINDLE DREAMS, a retirement specialist teaching others how to build genereational wealth daily. MENTAL DIALOGUE, asking the questions America's afraid to ask. "ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK"