What does the current BTC run mean for your portfolio?
        Bitcoin seems to be taking off and I believe it will make some noise causing a dip in ALT COINS. This is NOT a negative if your holding these coins. It is an opportunity to buy the dip. Remember never sell solid coins because of fear when you see a dip. If your coin is strong, has a good team, and you've made a conscious decision when purchasing it then stick with your decision. It is going to happen and the signs point to your carefully purchased coin eventually coming back to a new high. 

      *A huge tip is to always remember when the big players like Bitcoin (the biggest of them all) go on bull runs traders tend to pull money from other coins in their portfolio to gain profits. What does this mean? Once the bull run comes to an end or the trader reaches his/her target profit a sell order is placed.  Nine out of ten times they will then use that money to repurchase the coins they sold in the first place. This is strategic trading as opposed to emotional trading. The trader has taken his/her profits from the alt coin to move into Bitcoin. Once they have made their target profits here the next move is to retrace back to the original alt coin at its new low dip price. Once again setting them up for yet another profit! Now thats the name of the game!