What else do you want to read?
Hello new Patrons! I'm so excited to welcome you to my community, and I really appreciate your support. 

I do have a question to get us all started, and that's about future fiction content. Here's the deal: I'm writing a new equestrian novel, and I'll be sharing the first chapter from that shortly.

But I'm also writing a completely non-equestrian novel. Loosely titled "You Must Be This Tall," it's about theme park life - the people who work at, visit, and are obsessed by theme parks. It's based on my experiences in the Disney community, as a Cast Member, blogger, travel agent and fan.

I have this novel plotted out from start to finish and am about a quarter/third of the way into it. Soooooo.... do you want to read it?

Let me know if you think it's a good addition to the $5 level, where I'll be sharing a chapter a month (at least) from my new equestrian novel. I'll tag it "Theme park novel" so you can easily find those installments.

And by the way, the new equestrian novel is loosely titled "Horses in Wonderland" and also has a theme park element, as it is set at Grace's Orlando equestrian center from Show Barn Blues. Look for the first chapter to post by this weekend.