What an epic month! Best of vegan at Expo West + beyond!
Hello my lovely Patrons,

This month has been crazy beyond belief, and one of those months that would absolutely not have been possible without the support of—well—YOU. 

Since I last wrote...

I traveled to LA for the Natural Products Expo West to film and share the very best of vegan that will be hitting stores soon. 

I filmed a series of videos with three world-changing superstars in the past month—Moby, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, and Kristie Middleton. You'll see these videos coming soon to my VegAnswers series

My vegan wedding story was featured by Martha Stewart Weddings in an article about "how to successfully throw a vegan wedding!" 

I joined Toni on a Fox 40 news TV segment talking about our new Plant Based on a Budget meal plans (which have already helped more than 600 people learn to eat vegan affordably). 

I was a guest on the Vegan Tour Guide podcast  where we talked about the wonderful world of vegan and I shared advice for people interested in moving in the vegan direction. 

I announced that I will be speaking at the Cleveland VegFest this summer. I'll be talking all about how to break the dairy addiction (while also doing my very best to conquer my public speaking fears).

I attended the What The Health documentary premier in Los Angeles, and left feeling very inspired to start creating mini-documentaries, and perhaps one day a full-length documentary film. 

I continue to post lots of awesome content to the @vegan Instagram channel, including tons more live "stories" from Expo West and beyond. 

I've published many new articles and recipes  to WorldofVegan.com like this one smashing the weak vegan stereotype, and this one asking "are Jewish values on your plate?" 

I've continued to release at least one video a week—usually more. I have so much video content in the pipeline that I'm thinking of doing a week where I release a new video every day! Here are a few of my latest videos:

How to live without bacon (Kids edition)

Impactful vegan conversations with Bruce Friedrich

Feeling down about politics? Own your power with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

What does "May contain dairy" mean? 

Please call the USDA

How to eat less meat: MeatLESS

Is your dog a V-Dog? 

Magic Mac 'n' Cheese recipe

Where do you get your protein? With former NFL player David Carter.

All of this work is unpaid (but supported by your Patreon contributions) and is free-access content that I hope will reach and impact many, and will ultimately spare countless animals from needless suffering. 

THANK YOU again, from the bottom of my heart, for making this all possible. 

♡ Michelle

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