What the fudge is going on?
As many may be aware, and as I explained in a Facebook post, on my website and a couple of my latest streams, things will be slow over the Christmas period and for some time after that.

I've started a training course to become a croupier (Casino Dealer) and it's going to be eating into a ton of my time. Even when I'm not at training I'll be putting in extra hours at home for this job. This is going to leave a bigger dent than there usually is on my channel and in my modding.

I have the weekend and the Fridays off but I also have some other responsibilities at the moment which are keeping me occupied too, not to mention Christmas.

I will be streaming when I feel up to it and have a few hours on my hands which will allow me to continue working on getting Caranthir Tower Reborn finished and released. The fact that Fallout 4 has not really grabbed me all that much means I won't be sinking so many hours into that either, leaving more time for modding mainly.

My videos on my channel have pretty much come to a halt at the moment and just when In was planning on some tutorials on AI packages, this training/job opportunity showed up. I obviously have to make that my number one priority for the time being.

This all means that everything is going to slow down but I'll be back with a bang around February, which is hopefully going to be roughly the same time that the modding tools for Fallout 4 are released. I'll get started on looking into those tools at that time and doing some fresh new content for everyone then.

I look forward to making new videos then and continuing on with the rest of my modding interests and sharing them with you all.

Thanks for reading and have a very Merry Christmas.

Also, don't think I'll be missing out on making a Christmas video or two as that would be stupid.