Tier Benefits
Game-Wisdom Supporter Basic Tier
$1 or more per month 7 patrons
You will get access to any pateron-exclusive videos I put up during the month and can cast a vote for any patreon-related content such as the grab bag streams and more.

All patrons will also be featured on a thank you page that will display during live pre-streams and on recorded videos, and you'll be given a different color name on our discord to reflect the support.

Includes Discord rewards
VIP Status
$5 or more per month 7 patrons
You will get you VIP status which gives you a higher role on the discord channel and private chat and voice channels. 

For our developer livecasts, you will get access to them early and ad-free. Going forward, VIP supporters will get access to the unedited versions of our weekly live shows; ad-free as well. And you'll get access to all lower rewards as well.

Going forward, all VIP supporters will be invited once a month to a special private stream where we can hang out and talk while I record footage for the month's dissecting design. If you miss the live taping, it will be made unlisted for you, and you'll get the finished video early.

Includes Discord rewards
Critical Thought Guest Spot
$12 or more per month 1 of 12 patrons
You will be able to join me for a guest on one of my vlogs. You'll pick the topic, and we'll discuss it for around 30 minutes to an hour. For right now, this tier will now also count for higher pledges.
Includes Discord rewards
Perceptive Podcast Early Info
$15 or more per month 1 patron
At this tier, you'll be able to get in on the fun of the Perceptive Podcast. For patrons who donate at this tier, you will get advanced info on upcoming podcast guests for the Perceptive Podcast.

You will be able to submit up to five questions that will be asked of the guest (Nothing inflammatory of course). We'll also give you credit for the questions. This also counts for any live interviews we do.

You will also receive all previous non-limited rewards.

Includes Discord rewards
Patron's Podcast
$40 or more per month 1 of 4 patrons
At this level, we will invite you on once a month for a special Patron's Podcast. You'll pick the topic and we'll discuss it with you. 

Our discussion could run anywhere from 45 minutes to a max of 2 hours. This podcast will be a second cast that will go up for the week. You will also get access to lower tier rewards with exception to any exclusive tiers.
Includes Discord rewards
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