What Games/Projects would you like to see us focus on?
We always have a lot of game and project ideas. Some of them we have at various stages of development while others are still in planning stage. We like to focuse on one game at a time as we take them through our miniforge which is a one month intensive burst which includes 4 sprints.

Lilypad Leap (Released) - add in more progression features etc.

Astral Swarm (Released) - add in more progression features etc.

Masters of Clay - A more realistic fully featured Pottery Game set in Ancient Egypt

The Health Exchange - An website/app that will help connect you with the help you need to reach optimal health

H.E. Simulator - A game that allows you to see how lifestyle changes effect health outcomes

Farstate - A very challenging to make Horror, Action Adventure game where you are a hybrid trying to rescue your gf. You rely on your senses

The Prophecy - A story heavy Metroidvania

Lucror - A multi-player team based roller ball arena game. Characters are based off ancient civilizations

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