What Good is (Nature-Based) Paganism?
Over at Paths Through the Forests, I tackle the Patheos-wide question, "What good is (Nature-based) Paganism?" Here's an excerpt of my answer: My spirituality is in the dirt in my hands when I work seeds into my little plot at the local community garden. It’s in the sweat on my chest as I hike up a mountain in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s in the ache in my back after an afternoon of picking up cigarette butts and bits of styrofoam on the beach along the Columbia I adopted a few years ago. It’s in my phone when I use the Seafood Watch app before purchasing fish to eat, and the book on lichens I bought to better get to know the macrobiology of my bioregion. It’s in my art, and every bit of stuff I reclaim from a thrift store to be reborn as something beautiful. Read the rest at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/pathsthroughtheforests/2015/04/23/what-good-is-nature-based-paganism/
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