What a great open mic!
Remembering a moment at open mic last night, (Scratch Deli) where everyone was stunned by a particularly energetic and impressive duo performance toward the end of the evening, muttering things like 'yikes, who is gonna follow that?', and through the small crowd hearing someone loudly say "Where's COURTNEE?" *shucks* (incidentally, I did not, in fact, have to follow that.) Aside from my good experience, the entire open mic was so impressive. Everyone brought their A game and if I had known what the night would be like I wouldn't have signed up to go last. I carried the headline well, though - David killed it singing to my ukulele playing, and I performed my only 'folk' song to date, 'Please Don't'. It was really awesome, and you are all now sad that you missed it. Not only have I been asked to keep coming (apparently there is a coincidental correlation with my arrival and the general quality of the mics rising) I have been offered a permanent art wall in the space (I have been showing there for the last few months) as well. So much looooove. Patrons, be on the lookout for video in the next week or two.
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