What Happened in February?
So! I've been able to keep up with streaming, it seems to have dwindled since School has started but I've been solidly doing every Wednesday.

Along the lines of scheduling, I also decided to use Google Calendar to keep track of my time. It definitely helped me plan for homework time and art time, so that's great! I also was able to keep up more with posting schedules and everything.

I learned After Effects this month, I'm so glad that I was able to, because I've been wanting to learn for a while. I have my animation from my first class project, but I've been waiting to post it because I want to fix a few things. I also tested a few walk cycles.

I also did a February raffle, but I think I'm going to take a break from raffles for March. 

I also did a few song mashups, including No Hands Socialite, Space Stars, and Viva La Neighborhood, hopefully I'll be posting those this month. 

I also got Clip Studio Paint this month! I love it so much, it's amazing, I've been doing a whole lot of art with it. 

I also want to thank Aja and Anna, Aja sent me a little stuffed owl (I named her Savannah) and Anna sent me a whole lot of drawings, thank you!! 

Update on the speed drawings: I've been recording them, but Patreon has been such a pain to upload videos with, so I think I'll be using a Google Drive folder to post them. 

Thank you so much for everyone who's been following me along my art journey, I'm really excited for my future in art now hehe