What happened to "progess", people?
So Synthesaurus is sitting at home, lurking for the mailman to deliver the new cables for Synthesaurus Park (which is what I call my new little home studio). You know, like, power-, MIDI-, and audio-cables.

I HATE cables.

1. Why do ALL cables have to be black??

The average electronic musician has at least one hardware instrument, one computer device, and, as a human being, at least one TV set. And that means: a LOT of cables. TONS of them. Monitor, mouse, keyboard, audio in, audio out, USB cables to external harddrives. Plus power cables. TV, receiver, blueray player, VHS recorder (yes, I still have one of those), PS3. Plus power cables. Kross, microGranny, QY-10, mixing board. Plus MIDI and power cables.

You all know this cable chaos under your desk, behind your TV, and on the back of your musical equipment. Now, JUST to make things harder for you to figure out which cable goes where, they ALL HAVE TO BE BLACK! Here's a question for you, industry: WHY??!!

Yeah, sure, I know. They're black so that they don't draw the eye's attention. But you know what, guys? Can't I have at least the OPTION of color on my cables? Don't worry: I'm willing to pay for it!

2. Why do they still do power plugs with the big boxes at the end?

I don't get. I just don't. You know, there are basically three kinds of power plugs:

  • The one where the transformator is INSIDE the device it's powering
  • The one where the transformator box is outside the device, and has a power cable going out that ends on the plug
  • THOSE F*CKING ANNOYING things that have the transformator box ON THE PLUG. Those annoy the big Jesus out of me everytime I unbox them. Why? Because those damn things usually occupy TWO or MORE slots on my multi-sockets, that's why! I have multi-sockets with 8 slots that only have 3 devices connected to them, because they have those giant transformator boxes as plugs!!

3. We are living in 2017! Why do we still have to use cables anyways??

We have Bluetooth. We have wireless LAN. We have radio. We have all sorts of ways of sending and receiving data through the air - not needing cables at all. Why the f*ck do I still have to deal with all those f*cking MIDI and audio and data cables mess, like we're in 1987?? Why can't my Kross send its MIDI data wireless? Why can't my mixing board send its audio output to my PC wireless? Here's my money! I'll PAY for it! NOW, GO INVENT SOMETHING!

Oh, and about power supply! Do you know how I recharge my electric toothbrush, which by the way is wireless? I put it on a f*cking small recharge station, which recharges the toothbrush by induction! Totally wireless! I own that thing for 10 years now, and back then it costed a couple of bucks. Here's my question: Why of ALL portable devices I have in my home, my TOOTHBRUSH is the only thing that can DO THAT!?

Look, I'm not a technician. There might be good reasons why all that is the way it is. I'm just asking.

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