What happens at the end of today?
I wake up in the morning with all of these things buzzing round in my head. All of the countless urgencies. All of the appointments. All of the things I must not forget to finish. They keep me busy. Keep me moving forward, doing. But sometimes I feel so tired from it all. Sometimes I just want to rest. And when I stop, I realise that I'm running. I'm running through my life. Chasing after the list, the todo's and tobe's. It's not wrong. I do want to achieve. I want to create my own personal legacy, to touch the world in my unique way. But I also long for peace within myself. I long for ease and calm. So, at the end of today I'm choosing not to focus on all of the things that didn't get done or said. Rather, I'm focusing on three things I did or learned today, that make me better than the person I was when I woke up this morning. That's all. LOVE xox
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