What have you done for the first time this year?

I think everybody should do things for the first time, from time to time. I mean we all do EVERYTHING for the first time, once. But I mean, stepping voluntarily and knowingly over all these little borders that still limit our everyday life.

And also, we should, maybe, keep a list of things OTHERS do onto you for the first time, especially if it´s things that make you happy?

What did happen to you for the first time this year?

I´ll start.

I got art from a fan. Not once, but twice, and you both are here, and if it´s ok for you, I´ll post your wonderful things as a photo in the comments?

I got CHOCOLATE from a fan! Twice, too!! I mean! I made a song about that years ago, and it takes you all so long? :-D

I reached the first Patreon goal, which, as it happened, made me sit in awe in front of my screen and realise, WOW there´s people who actually give my their money to make more stuff. Felt very similar to my first day in the Marseille residency, when I started writing OUT in the same mood, and it motivated me similarly - you all know there´s already an EP´s worth of new songs here!

I got a Frequent Flyer bonus because of the UK tour... While feeling really bad about flying so much, I try to keep our footprint still as low as possible through reducing our baggage (there will be a tutorial about flight packing soon that you might find useful), and I always hope that by spreading word through touring about ways to keep your own emissions lower in everyday life, I can make good a little.

I played with a band I´ve been admiring for years, birdeatsbaby, and their ingenious leader Mishkin Fitzgerald. And we became friends. And they became our fans. And we made a song together. And while this has been the first cooperation on this scale, it will definitely not have been the last!

What have I done for the first time lately?

I bought a new recording equipment SOLELY OUT OF PATREON MONEY. Thank you SOOO much!

I engineered a gig with this thing, my very first one. Haha Mish I didn´t tell you I´ve never done this before :-D It was a gig in my very own home pub, and we usually have bands play there that come for a visit. Some of you know Fargo and its owner Lenny well, and his own band The Jackaffair! Only - that day he wasn´t there. So he trusted me with running the whole thing, and with the keys to his PA, but I brought my own little mixing desk and tons of cables, and somehow we managed to play a great show together!

I recorded, and mixed, a full song on a professional ready-for-master-level for the first time, with the very same equipment. It´s the cooperation song. I´ve learnt a lot. And I think, the result is PRETTY GOOD. You will get this song on Dec 21st, and the video will be made in Berlin in January, coming in February I guess.

I canceled a trip to the South, in winter.... never thought I´d do this! Yes, right, I am NOT in Rome making the video with Mishkin right now, because things went complicated, money run out, and I realised the video would be easier and much mor epic in Berlin where I have more friends and actor colleagues, crates full of costumes and props, and I know where I can film and where not! So I´m here in Berlin writing this, slightly frozen because, on top, just the day I should have left to Rome the heating failed... but it meant I could finish the mix yesterday, and I am indeed super happy!

And, I postponed the release of a song. I mean, I postponed a full album already (GETTIN´ ANGRY which became TRUTHS in case you misses that story - read it here: felineandstrange.com/lies), but this month things rolled over each other. PLEASE DIE is nearly finished, a few cello takes to do, and the final mix, and we performed it live for the very first time last week. So I´ll Thing something to you today: The full video recording of said show, 2 hours of Christoph and me with no cables attached, in a small theatre with acoustic cello, a slightly detuned old piano, no microphones, and a beautiful atmosphere. It´s the full recording I made, including pre-entry chat, Christoph picking his nose, me drinking bottled water (aargh), and a kid´s foot dangling into the camera from time to time. All the wrong notes are in there, too. I hope you´ll like it. Enjoy your private Feline&Strange show without leaving your living room <3 

Hug and kisses,


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